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Our Company

Omni Gaming Products' checkered past began in the late eighties when an extremist group, living in the mountains of northern Wyoming next to a radioactive landfill, decided to try to make a buck selling Slurry® as health food. After a study by the FDA determined that Slurry® was made entirely from fish guts and radioactive waste, sales slipped to an all time low and they were forced to shut down the Slurry® plant.

Several weeks later an incident involving several ATF agents and a mountain of automatic weapons left their northern paradise a smoking ruin. Two members of the group survived, however, and made their way to Chicago, where they incorporated OGP for the purpose of selling West End Games' Torg merchandise. The two soon learned however that in the gaming industry, it doesn't pay to license anything that isn't based on extraordinarily popular sci-fi films.

After wallowing for a few years in limbo, OGP returned in 1999 with one old and one new owner, and our new hit game How Much for the Camel?. The success this game was such that within a year our second game Blazing Camels hit the streets, complete with art from acclaimed comic game artist( and cousin of the designer) Jerry Capria.

In 2001, fueled by an apparent glut of games with art depicting fat men in diapers, and building on the valuable lessons learned from our first two games, our third (and thus far best) game, Sumo Arena was released with great fanfare, and more art from Jerry.

Two thousand one also saw the release of our first(only?) guest title Head to Head Golf by guest designer Larry Levy.

Four years later, in 2005, we are once again preparing to release a gaming masterpiece, this time in a box ( and full color ). Bumper Car Arena is expected to be released in early August, 2005. Pre-order your copy today.

Our Games

If you've seen any of the varied offerings from Cheapass Games, then our model will be familiar to you - we make fun, inexpensive games, for which you might need to provide money, tokens, dice, or pawns. Anything you might need for a particular game is listed on the packaging as well as on the games webpage.

If you have never heard of Cheapass, then we came up with the whole idea and we're gonna sue them back into the Stone Age.


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