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In the desert, there's not much to do except race camels.

Can you break away from the herd, or are you just humping along at the back of the pack? Harness the power of camel spit for victory!

Number of players : 3-7
Play Length: 10-20 mins
What you need: A copy of the game
Cost: $5.00

Synopsis: "How could camels be more valuable than gold?", you wonder, having sampled the delights of How Much for the Camel? The answer is simple, camel racing. Try to outguess your opponents in this fast and furious card game. Speed is important, but you musn't forget about the Spit!

Once again the name is derived from a german game. If you've ever played Through the Desert, you understand. Blazing Camels was our pet name for that game until Marc decided it could be a title on it's own.

Once again our planning system makes "Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack" look like a high-intensity drama.

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