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The Future. Camels. Space Bucks. You.

A dangerous combination. Can you assemble the most impressive herd of camels?

Number of players : 3-9
Play Length: 10-20 mins
What you need: Play money & one token for each player
Cost: $5.00

Synopsis: It's the future, and camels are more valuable than gold or any other commodity for that matter. You've got money to burn and camels to buy in this quick bidding game. While quantity is important, it's camel quality that really counts. Will you put your money into the single-hump Arabian or Saharan Dromedary? Or do you prefer the more exotic two-humped Bactrian? Such is the nail biting excitement.

How did we come up with a name like How Much for the Camel? you ask? Well, any of you who follow the German game scene may have noticed a lot of games involving camels. As you might imagine, we play a lot of games, and a good portion of them are German. During the playing of a game called Samarkand® in which camels play a small role as a commodity, someone asked "How much for that camel?" and Shawn thought that would be a great name for a game.

It may seem odd to come up with a game's name first, and then figure out what it's about. But that kind of planning is what has led to great films like "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers". So really, how could we go wrong?

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